RONNIE Wood, Christy Dignam, Andrea Corr, Samantha Mumba, Damien Dempsey, Robert Grace and Lyra are among music artists taking part in a special online charity art sale.

Renowned equine artist Tony O’Connor is also rowing in to support the Incognito online art sale on Thursday April 21st in aid of the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. Jack & Jill has helped more than 2,600 families to care for their profoundly ill children, with highly complex medical and life-limiting conditions, in communities across the country at home, where they belong, supported by specially-trained nurses and carers.

Why not register, browse the collection and mark up your Incognito wish list before the sale to maximise your chances of securing your favourite artworks, which are all postcard size, before the stalls open at 9.30am on the 21st. What makes Incognito 2022 different to other art sales, is that the artist’s identity is kept top secret until after the sale closes.


Among the other leading Irish artists participating in Incognito 2022 are Adrian+Shane, Ruthie Ashenhurst, Ange Bell, Don Conroy, Peter Curling, Bridget Flinn, Martin Gale, Morgan Gibbs, Maria Levinge, Sheila McCarron, Martin Mooney, Abigail O’Brien, Mick O’Dea, Shane O’Driscoll, Sylvia Parkinson-Brown and Mark Thompson.

Art for everyone

Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation ambassador and fashion designer, Paul Costelloe, feels Incognito is a celebration of the richness of artistic talent in Ireland: “For me, art is about capturing the moment. I use watercolours and love nothing more than to sit on a wall at Seapoint or Bullock Harbour, or on a beach when on holidays, capturing shadows coming over the sea, as the sun goes down. I don’t think people appreciate how much talent there is in Ireland when it comes to art. People say the Irish are writers, or poets, or filmmakers, but, in fact, the art world is very rich in Ireland. I don’t think people buy nearly enough original paintings or works for their homes. There are too many blank walls. Art brings a lifetime of enjoyment, as well as being a possible investment. You’ve got something for life, something to hand on to your children.”

For singer Samantha Mumba, her love of art goes way back to her school days:“It’s an absolute pleasure to be asked to be involved in Incognito and to support such an incredible cause in the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation. Art was one of the very few classes I actually really, really, enjoyed in school! Nowadays I definitely love doing it with my daughter for fun.”

Featuring over 3,200 original artworks by 1,200 artists, each artwork is priced at €65, with the artist being revealed when the sale is over. To register, visit