IRISH racecourses have been invited to sign up for sectional timing on their races but it is going to cost them in the region of €1,000 per fixture.

Paddy Walsh, CEO of the Association of Irish Racecourses, reported: “When we signed our most recent media rights deal in 2016 we sold the sectional timing/in-running data rights to SIS.

“At that time SIS were trying to develop a betting product which would generate revenue from those rights but that has not materialised.

“So now we have looked for another way of providing sectional timing information for the racing public, both at home and around the world. We want to show the data on-screen during racing as we think this will improve the product and be a benefit to customers.

“We have spoken to Coursetrack, who provide this service for Racing TV tracks in Britain, and they say it will cost around €1,000 per day. So we have asked our members if they want to take up this offer. Some are keen are some are not. It’s up to each racecourse to decide, and my personal opinion is that it will appeal more to the bigger tracks with flat races which are of interest to the international betting markets.”

Brian Kavanagh, CEO of the Curragh Racecourse, said: “It would be a welcome addition, particularly for flat racing. We are keen to introduce sectional times here at the Curragh and are working with HRI and AIR in this regard.”