Trainer Luke Comer has lodged an appeal against "various elements" of last week's decision by the Referrals Committee to find him guilty of damaging the good name of Irish racing by failing to prevent 12 horses in his Co Dublin yard being administered anabolic steroids.

Comer was given a three-year training ban, fined over €80,000 and ordered to pay €755,000 towards legal costs incurred by the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board [IHRB].

As widely expected, Comer lodged an appeal before Wednesday's deadline. However, the IHRB also lodged an appeal over what they describe as the "undue leniency of the sanctions imposed on the trainer in respect of the multiple rule breaches" found by the Referrals Committee.

The appeals will be considered by the Appeals Body, a committee appointed by the IHRB from a wider Disciplinary Panel. The Appeals Body members can have had no involvement in the investigation of the original case.

The Appeals Body has the power to increase, decrease, remove or suspend any sanction, suspension, fine or other penalty imposed by the Referrals Committee.