We read with interest and no small amount of fascination Robbie McNamara’s powerful article on his times since his life changing racing fall. Not only was it well written but it had chilling effect on the reader (at least it had on us). Surely Robbie with his knowledge of racing and his obvious writing ability must have a career in the racing pages of our national papers!

We have known Robbie since his pony club days and had followed his brilliant racing career with interest. However, no one outside his family could have realised the effect the accident had on his life which went far beyond his confinement to a wheelchair. The racing world undervalues the commitment jockeys give to the industry and Robbie’s article lays out the terrible price to be paid when things go wrong.

We’re sure all readers will join with us in wishing Robbie well and a successful future career in whatever role he chooses.

Yours etc.,

Dickie & Catherine Power


Co Limerick