May 10th-13th

CSI2*: Greg Patrick Broderick with Aconzina PS, Coolivio PS; James Connors Smyth with Improver, Victor; Commandant Geoff Curran with Glengarra Wood (ISH), Kilrue (ISH); Francis Derwin with AHG Whiterck Cruise Down (ISH), Kilerisk Can Ya (ISH); Edward Doyle with Flexanility, Renkum A’Toast; Edward Doyle Jr with Guru, Quick Bill(ISH); Susan Fitzpatrick with Keatingstown Quite Chacco, Keatingstown Skorphults Joker; Jason Foley with Clyde VA, Cnoc Rua Chinook (ISH); Kevin Gallagher with Arcadia LVS Z, Ballypatrick Flamenco (ISH); Daren Hopkins with Numero Cruise (ISH); Richard Howley with Chichi Van Overis Z, Hollypark Pacino (ISH); Seamus Hughes Kennedy with Cuffesgrange Cavadora (ISH); Edward Little with HSC Sunny Jim (ISH); Tim MacDonagh with Hollypark Galloway (ISH); Daniel Mc Alinden with AHG Whitewrock Doctor Cruise (ISH), Ultimately Cooley (ISH); Emma McEntee with Boss Quality (ISH), TFM Blue (ISH); Niamh McEvoy with BP Winston (Ish), Templepatrick Welcome Limmerick (ISH); Clem McMahon with TJM Amour Fou (ISH); Conor McMahon with Con Stakkara PS, Mansini LTD; Sean Monaghan with EMS Adelaide (ISH); Cian O’Connor with Kinsale, Taj Mahal; Hannah O’Shea with Ardcashel Coovella (ISH); Jenny Rankin with Carmela Z, Lajgaardens Cannavaro; Deirdre Reilly with Finnegan D, Kafka VD Heffinck; Emily Turkington with Cornet, Jay Gatsby (ISH); Max Wachman with Ikaros, Quintini; Tom Wachman with H H Fireball, Urvoso Du Roch.


New York, North Salem NY

May 10th-15th

CSI3*: Jonathon Corrigan with Fair Play, Loughnavatta Indigo (ISH), Nalini Van Het Wilderhof; Brian Cournane with Armik, Sea Plus (ISH), Vittorio 12; Jordan Coyle with Ballyoskill Big Bucks (ISH), Centriko Volo, Costa Diam; Nicky Galligan with Coconder PS, Hermione De L’Hodez; Paul O’Shea with Imerald Van’t Voorhof.

Lexington, KY

May 10th-15th

CSI3*: Andrew Bourns with Castle OJ (ISH), Sea Topblue (ISH); Darragh Kerins with High Point VDL, Valentino Tuiliere; Simon McCarthy with Athletix Hero Z, Gotcha; Richie Moloney with Coco Beach, Merqusio; Conor O’Regan with Mendini DR; Shane Sweetnam with Alejandro, Birdy Du Thot.



May 11th-15th

CSI2*: Harry Allen with Calculatus, Francis 146, Greta Evita; Alexander Butler with Comprling Z, Eclinsco De L’O; Diarmuid Howley with BE Aperle VA, Uriga VA; Ciaran Nallon with Dolce Vita Des Ouches, Mc Flurry 10; Shane O’Meara with Ici, Ikaberlina rv, Iris.

CSI1*: Alxander Butler with Conbalto PS; Frederick Goltz with Eager, Hugo, TJ Mullanacross Maliro (ISH); Diarmuid Howley with Casmant VA, Shane O’Meara with Nindino PS.

CSIYH1*: Harry Allen with Qinn C; Alexander Butler with Pella Horta; Ciaran Nalllon with Showoff AF Z.



May 11th-15th

CSI4*: Dermott Lennon with L’Esprit Hero Z, Millview Cicero (ISH), MJM Pursuit (ISH).



May 11th-15th

CSI5*: Shane Breen with Cuick Star Kervec, Vistogrand, Z7 Ipswich; Trevor Breen with Germaine W, Highland President, Toyger; Michael Pender with HHS Calais (ISH), HHS Catwalk (ISH); David Simpson with Medoc De Toxandria.



May 12th-15th

CSI3*: Kellie Allen with Quel Filou 16, Faery Queen.

CSIYH1*: Kellie Allen with Faery Queen.



May 12th-15th

CSI2*: Jessica Burke with Ashdale Divine, Inpulss, Namamia; Ivan Dalton Ex Ranger HH Z; Thomas O’Brien with Belle Ile, Colui (ISH), Vario 7.

CSIYH1*: Ivan Dalton with Grifondor Du Rouet; Thomas O’Brien with Diamant De La Foret Noire SD.

CSI1*: Jessica Burke with Nikey HH; Thomas O’Brien with Villefort.



May 13th-15th

CSI5*- GCT/GCL: Bertram Allen with Harley VD Bisschop, Pacino Amiro (ISH); Anthony Condon with Creevyquinn Pearl (ISH), SFS Vincomte; Michael Duffy with Franklin, Zilton SL Z; Darragh Kenny with Great Tikila J, VDL Cartello; Denis Lynch with Brooklyn Heights, Cornets Iberio; Mark McAuley with Django STE Hermelle, GRS Lady Amaro (ISH).

CSI1*: Joanne Sloan Allen with Amigo Cascada, Kandice Z.



Floors Castle

May 12th-15th

CCI3*-S: Daniel Meagher with A Classic Sportsfield (ISH).


May 13th-15th

CCI2*-S: Sian Coleman with Blarney Monbeg Pepper (ISH); Sarah Dowley with Bonmahon Liberation (ISH); Sacha Hourgian with Twice as Nice.

CCI4*-S: Susannah Berry with Monbeg By Design (ISH), Ringwood LB (ISH); Sian Coleman with Hush A Bye Baby (ISH); Cathal Daniels with CDS Cairnview Romolu (ISH), Rioghan Rua (ISH); Sarah Dowley with Rubix Cube (ISH).



May 12th-15th

CCI2*-L: Savanna Stirling with Shillings