(February 28th – March 6th)

CSI3*: Gerard Cambell with Coldplay I; Cathal Daniels with Barichello, CDS Cappog Tomy (ISH), CDS Haros, LEB Lias Jewel (ISH), Shannondale Mari (ISH); Melanie Davidson with Linze Z, Odessa; Edward Doyle Jnr with Billy Houston, Guru, Quick Bill (ISH); Jennifer Kuehnle with CDS Cairnview Romolu (ISH), Sammy Davis Junior (ISH); Darragh Magner with J Grupo Prom Peter Pan; Finn O’Hara with Miss Chagalle.

CSI1*: Jessica Davidson with Jaque Mate, MHS Nadal (ISH); Finn O’Hara with Chilena Blue.

CSIYH1*: Cathal Daniels with Joyce L; Melanie Davidson with Gypsy Prince (ISH); Jennifer Kuehnle with Tullibards Bennys Special (ISH).



(March 1st - 6th)

CSI3*: Anna Carway with Ajaccio.

CSI1*: Anna Carway with Baskin Sunny Diamon (ISH), Luxie B (ISH); Madelaine Gervaise with Ifra Van De Eik, MS Clinton (ISH).


Wellington, Florida

(March 1st - 6th)

CSIO4*: Andrew Bournes with Darquito, Sea Topblue (ISH); Jonathan Corrigan with Fair Play, Nalini Van Het Wilderhof; Eoin McMahon with Chakra 9; Stephen Moore with Conner; Cian O’Connor with Cerruti Van Ter Hulst Z; Max Wachman with Berlux Z, Ikaros.

CSIU25-A: Francis Derwin with Scarlett Du Sart Z; Max Wachman with Quintini; Tom Wachman with H H Fireball, Lazzaro Delle Schiave.

Ocala, Live Oak Plantation Florida

(March 3rd - 6th)

CSI4*-W: Bertram Allen with Emmlylou, Harley VD Bisschop; Brian Cournane with Vittorio 12; Christian Coyle with Locato Van Het Kapelhof; Daniel Coyle with Ivory TCS, Legacy; Paul O’Shea with Skara Glen’s Machu Picchu, Squirt Gun.


Vejer de la Frontera

(March 2nd - 6th)

CSI2*: Oisin Aylward with WKD Gazella (ISH); Paul Beecher with Caruso 568, Glamestone, SVS Sensation (ISH); Alex Finney with Absolutely Kinmar Z, Duco; Isabel Fitzpatrick with Fourth of July, Kannan CK (ISH), SHW Candies Diamond; Jason Foley with Clyde VA, Cnoc Rua Chinook (ISH), Keatingstown Z Wellie Two (ISH), Madorada DW; Jonathan Gordon with Capri, CBI Karhari (ISH), Hachi; Rachel Gredley with Alicante Z; Laura Heaney with Poshes Legacy (ISH); Seamus Hughes Kennedy with Castlefield Hera (ISH), Castlefield Kamira, Cocoblue, Cuffesgrange Cavadora (ISH), ESI Jet Set (ISH); Dermot Lennon with Anthem In My Heart (ISH), L’Esprit Hero Z, Millview Cicero (ISH); Daniel Mc Alinden with AHG Whiterock Doctor Cruise (ISH); Aoife McCabe with Mona Lisa Quality; Peter Moloney with Budgie, Chained Django, Clever Boy Jun, Pepper D’or; Sean Monaghan with A.N Cassius, EMS Adelaide (ISH), Memphis V/D Vaart; Lucinda Roche with Izar LB; Joanne Sloan-Allen with Colour Girl, Wicked Hope, WKD Aimez Moi (ISH); Emily Turkington with Cornet, Djumbe D’Amour.

CSIYH1*: Paul Beecher with Brogagh Darcy (ISH), CBI Loughnatousa Khaleesi (ISH), Danio VB Z, Marley, Starfield Brighteye (ISH); Alex Finney with MHS Style (ISH); Jason Foley with Balia Silvia, Calvador Z, Castlefield Kingston, Far West De Hus, Key West Sitte; Seamus Hughes Kennedy with Curra Ferro (ISH), ESI Ali (ISH), ESI Rocky (ISH); Aoife McCabe with Atlantic Coltaire (ISH), Galwaybay Sparky (ISH), LVS Enigma (ISH), LVS Vigo (ISH); Peter Moloney with Dallco Chance, Pepper Vincent; Sean Monaghan with Cornet Clover Girl (ISH), Domino Van Het Gehucht Z, Jannik PS; Emily Turkington with Cissi, Hadj Des Fontaines, Look at Me GR, Tricolor MB (ISH).


(March 3rd – 6th)

CSI1*: Nicolas Canavan with Clover Falcon (ISH).

CSI2*: S hane Dalton with Gow Gow, Greenforest Candy (ISH), Jebaomi W, Ladalco-Z; Tori Dunn with Sumas Taloubet (ISH); Sven Joseph Hadley with Garryduff Jar of Hearts (ISH), Topsin, Uidam (ISH).

CSIYH1*: Shane Dalton with Call Blue, Endless Love, Pacifique Van’t Laar; Tori Dunn Z Seven Amour (ISH); Sven Joseph Hadley with HSH Harper Du Seigneur (ISH), Manorview Lady Jane 17 (ISH), Phenomene Bleu VDM.


Gorla Minore

(March 2nd – 6th)

CSI3*: Christopher Megahey with E-Maitresse TVH Z, Luigi Van De Nethe; Hannah O’Shea with Ardnacashel Coovela (ISH).

CSI1*: Christopher Megahey with Doriano De Blondel, Pac Man TW; Hannah O’Shea with Cento Blue.

CSIYH1*: Christopher Megahey with Like Pina T.


Doha, Al Shaqab

(March 2nd – 5th)

CSI5* GCT/GCL: Shane Breen with Cuick Star Kervec, Z7 Ipswich; Anthony Condon with SFS Vincomte, Zira VH Kapelhof Z; Michael Duffy with Jeff Ten Halven, Zilton SL Z; Michael G Duffy with Clitschko 17, Lapuccino 2; Denis Lynch with Cornets Iberio, Cristello; Michael Pender with HHS Calais (ISH), HHS Catwalk (ISH).




(March 1st – 6th)

CDI4*: Dane Rawlins with Espoire.