ROBERT, Mary, Kate, Joan, Clare, Dara and Geraldine.

Thank you for all that you have done over the years, your kindness, compassion, and love for what you have done for everyone will be spoken about forever

For always being so timely having to travel all the ways from Shippool to all parts of Ireland, we commend you.

For sharply picking races, all the point-to-points and races up and down the country from Dromahane to Moira, Co Down, we were with you, from Wexford to Sligo, we were behind you, whether it was a claiming race in Chepstow where we first travelled across the pond or the Paddy Power with two fillies, we adore you.

For introducing us to the beauty of the verge of the Atlantic in Belharbour, to the fine dining in Courtmac and Killumney and Jim Edwards, Kinsale to taking us to the Finders Inn, where we all would be challenged to find it, we are so grateful.

Shared time

For all the hospitality you showed us both at home with all the staff pulling up a chair and grub for us, we are delighted to have shared that time with you, even if you did fall asleep in our company!

For the times when we were close seconds, we are satisfied, we always enjoyed the days and we appreciated the work and effort that went in to getting that far, we are so thankful.

For always answering the phone and being there to talk to we are indebted, the excitement was always unreal when we would get the call to get the hunters certificate, we always knew that there was a point-to-point contender to be taken seriously.

Credit to you

For the way the horses were always minded and turned out they were a credit to you, we were always assured the horses would have a great summer holiday if they didn’t come home.

For the good wins, we applaud you, whether it was a confined or a chase, we were always excited and superbly happy.

For the not so good days, we understood you, we always looked forward to the next day.

For your sense of humour, we acclaim you.

For your ability to educate everyone, ourselves, owners, the jockeys that you helped up along the ranks you should be so proud.

Moved us all

The dignity you displayed when mourning your dear beloved Jack, moved us all. In the aftermath of his passing, no words can describe the dedication and togetherness you continued to show us all, when we needed you.

We know that Jack sent you the courage and stamina to keep going through these darkest days.

And now that you have decided to retire, we can look forward to spending more time with you all and we will be able to spend longer on the phones, the list of jobs won’t be getting longer as the time passes but be assured that everyone is thankful to you all, for doing what you loved and doing it well.

And perhaps we will go down memory lane on a road trip to ‘Collinstown’ and ‘Killeena House’, have a drink in ‘Geoffs Bar’ (again) ‘All Together Now’, where ‘Leaders Questions’ would be asked but we wouldn’t bothered listening, where ‘Our Musician’ might play us a tune as we ‘Meet The Critics’ and ‘Whatwillwecallher’ will be ‘At Your Service’, maybe ‘Sergeant Dick’ might join us as we watch ‘Myretown’ on the TV on a ‘Blustery’ day.

Well done, Team Tyner! Heartfelt thanks for everything.

The Cotter Family