DOWN Royal Racecourse takes its waste seriously and actively works to partner with organisations who prioritise sustainability within their practices.

One of the reasons Down Royal decided to partner with its catering provider, Craft Event Co. was due to their environmentally friendly initiatives.

Down Royal sees reducing food waste as an important responsibility and have solutions in place to support a more sustainable catering operation. Any cooking oils that are used are collected by a fully HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) compliant company licensed to collect and process such waste oils and recycle them into biofuels.

Down Royal also ensures food waste is processed responsibly and food waste is collected and processed into renewable energy.

Craft Event Co. and Down Royal also work together to promote sustainability through using free range and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring eco-friendly materials are used to present menus and customer facing information. They also train staff in creative ways to reduce food waste as well as donating leftovers to food banks, social enterprises and local charities.