What is Cal-Gro?

Cal-Gro is a pelleted supplement formulated with ten key ingredients to support the healthy skeletal development of foals in-utero and throughout growth.

Calcium and phosphorus are provided in the ideal ratio of 2:1 alongside vitamins A and D, key amino acids, bioavailable silica, and fully chelated sources of copper, zinc, and manganese.

Why has Cal-Gro changed from a powder to a pellet and is there anything else that has changed?

Cal-Gro has always been an incredibly popular product with breeders to help optimise bone health. At Foran Equine we continually develop our supplements based on customer feedback and the latest scientific research. We are delighted to re-launch a new and improved Cal-Gro with the following changes:

  • New pelleted format to make it cleaner and more efficient when feeding horses outside. The pelleted format also increases the palatability of the product when supplementation is required for horses that are on low feed rates.
  • Vitamin D has been added to support the absorption of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus
  • Vitamin K has been included to help support bone mineralisation.
  • If I’m already feeding a balanced diet, do I need to supplement with Cal-Gro as well?

    A balanced stud feed will likely contain all the calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals required to keep your breeding stock healthy. However, you may consider supplementing with Cal-Gro if:

  • You are worried about mineral availability, such as copper, in grassland
  • Your fields get very wet and heavy in the winter, potentially eliminating the effective absorption of some minerals within your stud feed
  • You have had issues with developmental diseases in youngstock in the past
  • Your foal becomes top heavy and requires less calories but extra nutritional support
  • I want to give my foal the best possible start but I’m not quite sure the best way to do it. Should Cal-Gro be fed to the mare or the foal?

    Ideally Cal-Gro would be to fed to both the mare and the foal. Skeletal development is initiated whilst the foal is in-utero so supplementing the mare, particularly during the final trimester of pregnancy, will help to increase the amount of essential nutrients transferred to the foal. Continuing to supplement the mare with Cal-Gro during lactation will help to support the nutritional value of her milk. For foals, we recommend supplementing with Cal-Gro from 2 weeks of age onwards Ensure supplementation continues during high-risk periods (i.e. weaning, rapid periods of growth, introduction of exercise, during and post box rest).

    I understand that sales preparation puts extra stresses and strain on developing foals. Can I use Cal-Gro during this period?

    When youngsters are being prepped for sales, there is additional pressure placed on their skeletal system which leads to bone remodelling and increased risk of skeletal issues. Therefore, continued supplementation of Cal-Gro to youngsters during prep may be beneficial to support bone health during the introduction of exercise.

    Do you want to know more about supplements that support skeletal growth and mobility?

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