LABSTOCK Microservices was established in 1983 serving the veterinary, laboratory and bloodstock industries. Run by managing director Derville Meade and business manager Ted Walsh (junior) they have built up the company reputation as one of the leading suppliers in the country.

Supplying to the Irish and international markets, Labstock Microservices Ltd is a supplier to many of the main laboratories of Ireland including; the Regional Veterinary Laboratories run by the Department of Agriculture, the Irish Equine Centre and the Equine Diagnostic Laboratory. Labstock provide expert product advice and fast next day delivery on most of their products. Labstock represent Bionor, C.A.A., Liofilchem, MegaCor Diagnostik and Minitube. Labstock have an extensive range of products for all species and specialise in artificial insemination and embryo transfer. Labstock are happy to source any product you need and if they don’t currently have it will do their best to find it for you. A full list of available products can be found on their website

All products are dispatched from the offices on the grounds at Meade’s Tu Va Stables in the village of Castletown, Kilpatrick, Co Meath.

For more information contact or call +353 (0)46 9054932.