HUGE improvements have been made in recent years at Aintree Racecourse to improve the welfare of horses racing there. Changes introduced since 2012 include adapting and rebuilding the fences, facilities and stables.

The latest developments and innovations have improved the welfare of horses before, during and after races.

Pre-race medical checks

An important part of horse welfare is checking that horses are safe to race in the first place.

The veterinary team at Aintree assess the health of horses so that they are safe to race and are not a danger to themselves or will endanger other horses.

Improved fence structure

Aintree has made significant improvements to the physical structure and composition of fences at Aintree. This has played a major role in improving the welfare of horses that race at Aintree. The video shows how the fences are made up and how they have improved the safety for horses jumping them.

New approaches and bypass areas to fences

Aintree has made significant changes to the approach of each fence, how they appear to the horses and jockeys jumping them and created safety bypass areas. The video shows how these changes have been made and the impact they have had.

Post-Race cooling and wash down area

Aintree has invested in some of the latest innovations with a dedicated cooling and wash- down area. These facilities help horses cool down and recover the very moment they leave the track after a race, in the same way an athlete would after competing. Take a look at how our dedicated team do this after each race.

Stables and Security

The security of horses that visit Aintree and the quality of the facilities the racecourse provides are of paramount importance for the entire time they are here. The stables are one of the most secure areas of the racecourse, closely monitored by the British Horseracing Authority. The security and medical facilities help provide the very latest in equine welfare.