Frankie Dettori may be tempted to prolong his career if it means he is able to ride against his son and budding jockey, Rocco.

The Italian is 48 – and while he has already talked of riding beyond his initial projected age of retirement at 50, he acknowledges he is in the twilight of his career.

With his son actively pursuing a career in the saddle at present – just as his old weighing-room friend and rival Kieren Fallon’s son, Cieren, has done – Dettori would love nothing more than to ride against him.

“He’s only 14. I didn’t want him to do it (become a jockey). It’s a job that has sacrifices and ridiculous hours,” Dettori told The Jockey Club.

“Obviously as a parent, I really don’t want him to do it – but as a sportsman or as a way of life, if you love it then it’s really amazing.

“My dad did it. He (Rocco) seems to have the right physique, and if he wants to pursue this sport obviously I’m going to try to help him. It’s up to him. At the moment he seems very keen – but when you’re a teenager you can change from week to week!

“I’m not holding my hopes too highly, but if he does decide to do it I will back him and try to help him as much as I can.”

Asked if he would be tempted to extend his career, given the chance to ride against his son, Dettori said: : “I’d love to. I did ride with my dad, and it was an amazing experience, and I’m very proud that I did it. Of course, if he wants to do it, it’s an amazing ambition of mine to be able to ride with him. He can tell his children that we did it.”