With millions of riders in the UK, it isn't shocking that horse racing is a commonly played sport in the country. It's also a great sport to improve the overall physical and mental health of people.

In fact, its popularity is so diverse that you can witness it in the gambling world too. Several bettors try their luck on leagues, tournaments, and games in a real money online casino to get the profits they always wanted!

While people are gaining interest to participate in horse racing, they aren't familiar with how they should prepare their horses for race day. If you are clueless too, then read through:

Feed Them Right!

Before a race, it's important to feed your horse with something nutritious and healthy. That's because if you don't feed them correctly, they might get overweight or underweight, which may eventually affect their performance.

To know more about their diet, you can consult a vet professionally. They will create a balanced diet for your horse to follow. You can also discuss with them whether your horse needs any added supplements or medicines and add the same to their diet.


When your horse is clean and fresh, they are more active and comfortable throughout the race. So, always groom your horse before the big day! You can clean the horse's coat to give it a neat and shiny look.

You can also wipe off their hoofs and eyes for better vision during the competition. Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with the tips to protect your horse from extreme heat and humidity.


Apart from grooming, do not forget to give your horse a nice bath before the competition. A bath can refresh their body and reduce any stress they might develop.

It can also set up their mood for the race and ensure a power-packed performance. Make sure to give them a soapy bath after the race as well.

Cover the Legs

You wouldn't want your horse to get injured, would you? So, the best way to avoid any unwanted injuries (especially before the race) will be by wrapping a bandage on their legs.

It will keep your horse safe and reduce the chances of poor performance. Make sure to buy a high-quality bandage that's durable and comfortable for the horse.

Speed Up Right!

If your horse is fast, you ace the competition. That's what the game is all about, isn't it? So you should train your horse to speed up right.

For that, you can take a halt when the horse becomes even with the barrel. This will help the horse to use their hind legs while taking any turn during the race.

That's all! Try out these steps before the big day, and you will surely see your horse performing better than before.