A new name will conduct sales from April this year as Doncaster Bloodstock Sales Ltd, known universally as DBS in recent years, will be renamed Goffs UK Ltd.

The change comes nine years after the merger of Goffs and DBS in 2007 and is seen as a natural progression by those connected with both Goffs and DBS. The rebrand will further strengthen ties between the two companies while continuing to develop the Goffs brand and its global presence in what is the 150th year since Robert J Goff was appointed as the official auctioneer to the Turf Club in Ireland.

Since the merger of the two companies in 2007, Goffs and DBS have integrated a number of areas such as the auctioneers’ panels, client accounts and conditions of sale, whilst the management teams on both sides of the Irish Sea have continued to promote and run the sales in each location under the direction of Goffs chief executive Henry Beeby who remained as DBS managing director.

Both entities ultimately report into the Robert J Goff & Co plc Board which is chaired by Eimear Mulhern and the move to rebrand DBS to Goffs UK is seen as another positive step that strengthens both Goffs and DBS.

DBS chairman Harry Beeby joined DBS in 1964 and is a director of Robert J Goff & Co plc. He commented: "I am delighted with this initiative and fully support the rebranding of DBS to Goffs UK. DBS has had a very successful 54 years since it was founded by Willie Stephenson and Kenneth Oliver in 1962, and the merger with Goffs presented a wonderful opportunity for the business and for the Goffs Group. The renaming to Goffs UK can only benefit both entities that are now truly one.”

Those sentiments are echoed by Goffs chairman Eimear Mulhern who said: "The merger of Goffs and DBS has proved to be an enormous success from day one as the approach of both companies was always very similar in terms of ethos and customer service.

"Goffs sales provide a unique, customer focussed service to our clients and these common objectives are set to develop evermore as we work to serve the bloodstock industry to greatest effect.

"It is clear to us that our key staff can play a vital role on both sides of the Irish Sea and we are looking forward to this new phase of our development with great enthusiasm.”

Henry Beeby, appointed group chief executive of Goffs at the time of the merger, said: "Goffs and DBS have worked in increasing harmony over the last nine years and this brings the two teams closer together at a time when the Goffs Group continues to grow and innovate.

"In 2015 we sold nearly 5,000 horses for around €157 million (£121 million) across 18 sales and five locations for a wide diversification of vendors from the UK and Ireland, and to buyers from every corner of the globe.

"As a brand Goffs enjoys a superb international reputation which can only strengthen what we offer at our sales in Doncaster and our international identity especially as the ethos of industry, integrity and innovation that pervades both auction venues is now identical.”

The first sale to be conducted by Goffs UK will be the Aintree Sale on April 7th whilst the first catalogue to be published with the new logo will be for the Goffs UK Breeze-Up Sale which will be printed on February 17th.