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NEWS IN BRIEF: TIHA Mare Scheme launched
Irish Field Contributor
Breeders will receive €300 on registration of qualifying foals in the latest TIHA Performance Mare Scheme
2 December 2022 Sport horse news
NEWS: Positivity traits evident at TIHA AGM
The majority of funds raised at the non-profit Traditional Irish Horse Association in 2021 came via membership fees
2 September 2022 Sport horse news
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rule restrictions just not fair
Sarah Lang put pen to paper, expressing frustration over the rule restrictions for the upcoming TIHA Championships
FEATURE: 'We are better together'
The Maryland Horse Industry Board's successful week-long visit to Ireland did much to strengthen ties with Ireland's equine sector
1 July 2022 Sport horse news
NEWS: USA trade trip strengthens Irish ties
A highly successful trade mission trip by the Maryland Horse Industry Board to Ireland this week fostered close links and ties
24 June 2022 Sport horse news
COMMENT: Not just whistling dixie
The Maryland Horse Board completed a successful whirlwind tour of Ireland's equine sector in a key week where €2.5 million in industry funding was unveiled
24 June 2022 Sport horse news
NEWS IN BRIEF: Tim Heenan (85) mourned
The death took place this week of Tipperary's Tim Heenan (85), whose family are well known in the equestrian world
17 June 2022 Sport horse news