THE WEEK THAT WAS: Is my horse fatter or fitter?
Anne Marie Duff
What would extra data on a horse's physique bring us? Will it make finding winners easier?
27 September 2019 Racing News
RORY DELARGY: Data war - Time to stop thinking small
We have sought to simplify racing by keeping the data small and specific but pandering to the lowest common denominator hasn’t worked and won't work
11 May 2018 Inside Racing
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Rory Delargy looks at why British Racing's latest scandal may be good news for punters and the racing industry
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A policy of closing and restricting accounts is one of the reasons why revenue from horse racing has fallen through the floor
2 September 2016 Inside Racing
RORY DELARGY: All I want for Christmas…
In the light of photo-finish controversy at Lingfield, Rory asks would it be that difficult to follow a tight finish with an immediate slow-mo replay from the perfect angle?
23 December 2015 Inside Racing