EOGHÁIN WARD: Questions on HRI funding increase
Eogháin Ward
This disparity between the budgeted figure and actual spend has been put down to the number of cancelled fixtures.
13 January 2023 Racing features
HRI RACECOURSE SEMINAR: Working on innovation and sustainability
'Our investment is in the customer experience, trying one or two new things a year' Dickon White
9 December 2022 Racing columns
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Twitter talking
The IHRB/Ronan McNally investigation brought plenty of comments this week
Racecourses to receive details on new media rights deal on Monday
Racecourse managers and officials will finally learn of the details for the upcoming media rights deal
4 November 2022 Racing News
NEWS: Racing TV close to retaining Irish racing coverage
The subscription channel has been named the 'preferred bidder' by HRI Media Rights Committee in the race to secure direct-to-home rights for Irish racing
25 October 2022 Racing News
POINT-TO-POINT: Concerns persist over insurance situation
The Loughrea incident has served to remind all within the sport that insurance concerns have not been permanently overcome
14 October 2022 Point-to-Point
HEART OF RACING: Heather Downey
Heather Downey's role it to promote the sport to the younger generation and help create and develop future fans
23 September 2022 Racing columns
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Curragh under Dáil scrutiny
HRI CEO Suzanne Eade, answered questions from TDs on the HRI accounts.
23 September 2022 Racing columns
MARGIE McLOONE: McKenna in Galway heaven
Liam McKenna enjoyed a huge success on Tudor City bred by Denis Reddan who was a winning owner/breeder on the northern point-to-point circuit
29 July 2022 Racing columns
HRI: 'We will step up to challenge of falling racecourse attendances'
Horse Racing Ireland has released key industry statistics for the first six months of 2022
21 July 2022 Racing News
NEWS: Pony racing could return by end of the month
Horse Racing Ireland will be required to contribute significantly more to the sector as a substantial increase in premium is expected
8 July 2022 Racing News
RACEHORSE OWNERSHIP: Latest news from Horse Racing Ireland Ownership
Amber O’Grady, HRI Ownership Manager introduce the new members of the team and highlight our plans going forward.
8 July 2022 Racing features