Horse Care
Advertorial Tanasote® - Protecting more than fencing
Irish Field Contributor
The alternative to creosote, Tanasote® copper-oil wood preservative is a game-changer for the timber fencing industry.
Government crisis management for extreme weather
Minister McConalogue calls for flexibility in crisis management as European farmers face persistent extreme weather events.
Spring screening: hygiene and your breeding stock
In the first of our bimonthly articles from the Irish Equine Veterinary Association, Dr Sue Salter explains why pre-breeding screening should be a vital part of any hygiene routine
Advertorial: Spruce up your farm with the experts
One of Ireland's most trusted agricultural painting team tells Helen Sharp what's on offer for a spring spruce up on a large scale
26 April 2024 Farm management
Do right by your drinkers
Water drinkers for horses need to be cleaned regularly, Helen Sharp looks at how.
26 April 2024 Farm management
Keeping your horse out 24/7
Keeping your horses out on grass 24/7 year? Here’s a handy guide to keep them happy and healthy and look after your grass at the same time.
21 April 2024 Farm management
Advertorial: Envy - delivering weed-free horse paddocks
The experts at Envy share their advice on how to control unwanted weeds in your paddocks
19 April 2024 Farm management
Combatting wet ground for better grass growth
Horse Sense asked director of Scott's Contracting Ltd Stephen Scott to help us understand the best course of action for our grazing ground following such a wet start to the year
19 April 2024 Farm management
Topping and harrowing for good grass
What measures can you take during the grass growing season to improve yield and grass health?
19 April 2024 Farm management
Become a grass farmer!
Three pieces of guidance when considering the health of your grass yield for horses
19 April 2024 Farm management
Farming focus 75% of TAMS tranche 1 applications approved
Martin Merrick discovers the number of applications have been approved in the Animal Welfare Nutrient Storage Scheme which includes the equine-related grant requests
22 March 2024 Farm management
Highest quality matting with Easy Fix
Easy Fix rubber matting solutions understand the importance of comfort and safety for your horses, which is why their passion is to protect yours!
1 March 2024 Farm management