POINT-TO-POINT: NECARNE: Wife and 'dreams share dead-heat
Robyn McCluskey
Patrick Turley and David Christie enjoyed doubles at the Friday fixture
1 March 2024 Racing News
CHELTENHAM: Christie - ‘We couldn’t be happier with Ferns Lock’
Fermanagh trainer David Christie is set to run three horses in the St James Place Festival Challenge Cup Hunter Chase, of which entries were published this week
1 March 2024 Racing features
MARGIE McLOONE: Christie 'wings' away
A round-up of the northern related winners and news for the past week
DOWN ROYAL ST STEPHEN’S DAY: Lock in promising Ferns to score for Christie
John O’Riordan previews the St Stephen’s Day card from Down Royal, featuring the Metcollect Oil Recycling Hunters Chase
22 December 2023 Racing previews