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REVIEW: 'Growing and going strong'
Margie McLoone
Margie McLoone looks back at what made the news in the Irish Horse World in 2023
29 December 2023 Sport horse news
NEWS: Code to guide owners on antibiotic resistance
A new code had been developed to support horse owners to help prevent Antimicrobial resistance which is on the rise and presents a threat to animal and human health
16 December 2023 Sport horse news
NEWS: Equine TAMS approvals tipped for New Year
The Department of Agriculture has started issuing approvals under the TAMS 3 scheme but equine farmers will be waiting until at least February for theirs
NEWS: Equine charities in line for €500k funding
Charlie McConalogue has announced funding of more than €6 million to 101 animal welfare charities nationwide including several equine-specific organisations
15 December 2023 Sport horse news
NEWS: Passport delays will not impact equine census
Forms for Ireland's third annual equine census were circulated this week and must be returned by Friday, December 15th
1 December 2023 Sport horse news
NEWS: Passport delay concerns reach Minister
Concerns about the delay in the issuing of passports reached the Oireachtas recently when Wexford TD Paul Kehoe (FG) asked Minister Charlie McConalogue about the matter
10 November 2023 Sport horse news
NEWS: DAFM allocate €5.45 million to sport horse sector in Budget 2024
The Minister for Agriculture, Charlie McConalogue, announced a funding increase of €250,000 in Budget 2024
11 October 2023 Sport horse news
NEWS: Equine industry must play its part on sustainability
Major new report on environmental sustainability unveiled by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue at Dublin Horse Show
11 August 2023 Sport horse news