THE WEEK THAT WAS: If the way of life comes to an end?
Anne Marie Duff
While there was positive news this week on racecourse attendances, there was more worrying news behind the scenes
11 February 2022 Racing columns
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Leopardstown comments sound a warning
The comments after Leopardstown must remind racecourses not to take the public attendance for granted
17 September 2021 Inside Racing
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Racecourses must be proactive
Perhaps a form of rewards system should be looked at for the regular racegoer as they return
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Finding the joy in racing
How do we develop and advertise our product so that racing sells itself better?
3 September 2021 Inside Racing
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Twitter Talking
A selection of comments on racing topics over the last week from social media
27 August 2021 Inside Racing
BELLEWSTOWN: Crockafotha to cure all ills
Out and around there is still plenty of space and you could easily accommodate another 500
27 August 2021 Inside Racing
THE WEEK THAT WAS: An Irish Racing League?
Racing and GAA have close links. We could watch and learn and come up with a better 'team' competition than Britain have so far.
27 August 2021 Inside Racing
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Into the valley of death?
Ireland is among the highest numbers of vaccinated population in the world but you are still restricted in going racing
13 August 2021 Inside Racing
FEATURE: 'It was a culture shock to return to Galway Races'
Jockey Ross Coakley moved to Britain this summer and is well placed to compare the restrictions and racecourse atmosphere in Britain and Ireland
13 August 2021 Inside Racing
THE WEEK THAT WAS: If you pass a test, you move to the next level?
Attendances are increasing rapidly for many sporting events - but despite controls in place, not for racing?
6 August 2021 Inside Racing
GALWAY AT THE RACES: Is your Plate half-full or half-empty?
Thom Malone was one of the 1,000 blessed patrons who was on track at Galway for Plate day
30 July 2021 Inside Racing
NEWS: Pandemic will set Ascot's business back three years
The business has had to take the appropriate steps to reduce its fixed and variable costs and projects a significant figure pre-tax loss in 2021
16 December 2020 Latest News