THE first group of Ukrainians to arrive at Millstreet expressed thanks and delight at their new home.

The Duggan family, along with a small army of carpenters and electricians, have worked tirelessly to utterly transform their indoor arena into ‘own door’ accommodation units for up to 320 people. A huge new floor has been put in and professional new units constructed.

Each two bedroom unit accommodates four people and has its own living room and power points. New beds and furniture have been brought in to kit out each unit. The on-site restaurant and shower/WC facilities at Green Glens have all been brought into full use.

The first group of 70 Ukrainian, mainly women and children, arrived this week where they were warmly greeted. RTÉ filmed their arrival and interviewed several briefly who spoke of their delight of their temporary new home and at the kindness shown to them by all in Millstreet.

Representatives of the local Millstreet Community Council were also on hand to meet the new arrivals and welcome them to the town.

Millstreet will host its International Horse Trials from June 1st to 5th 2022.

Accommodation crux

It’s expected that the Millstreet accommodation will very shortly reach its maximum capacity as the Government looks at all possible options on the table to increase the supply of public and private accommodation to Ukrainians fleeing Putin’s war.

With the cost of food, electricity and heat rising, it’s also expected that the Government is considering introducing a scheme to recompense those willing to offer spare private accommodation to Ukrainian refugees.