BREEDER details not being recorded on white books from Horse Sport Ireland continue to cause upset among some breeders. Since January 2022, equines registered in the supplementary section of the studbook or by an identification document (ie. white book) are not permitted to have a completed zoo-technical certificate.

A zootechnical certificate serves to verify the registration and genetic test information of a breeding animal. Prior to January 2022, if the dam was recorded, the breeder’s name was listed.

Questioned about the change, Horse Sport Ireland’s head of breeding, innovation and development, Dr Sonja Egan, said: “I cannot comment on specific cases, however the format of all Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) issued studbook passports and identification documents are in line with the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/963. Annex II of this legislation (provides the passport format) applied from January 2022 and required a number of passport format changes. All HSI passport formats are approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) for compliance with this legislation.

“This legislation permits that zootechnical certificates (Section V (or Part I) and Part II) are completed for equines entering the main section of a studbook only. Hence equines registered in the supplementary section of a studbook, or by an identification document (white book), are not permitted to have a completed zootechnical certificate.

“HSI are aware of the issue of breeder recording in supplementary section studbooks and identification documents. HSI are working with their technical team to agree a format which includes breeder details in the non-statutory sections of supplementary section and identification document passports, which will also meet the specifications of the Equine Identification legislation.”