KILDARE-based Equine MediRecord will be deploying their revolutionary software platform for all the horses taking part next weekend’s Ballindenisk International. This will include a new version of the Equine MediRecord platform to help all the horses and athletes competing at the event to comply with heightened bio-security rules for this year’s event where horses’ information will be checked in advance of arriving at the event instead of once they have already arrived at Ballindenisk.

Having vaccine and other records submitted in advance of the horses entering the event grounds helps to ensure the biosecurity of the event. The Equine MediRecord platform allows for the full veterinary history of the horse to be recorded securely, ensuring the best possible horse welfare as well as aiding with crucial biosecurity procedures. This platform will allow all information to be collected digitally. Integrity of this information will be ensured using the Equine MediRecord system and its algorithms which will guarantee the compliance for all horses who participate before they step off their trailers in Ballindenisk.

Equine MediRecord sells and maintains a revolutionary software platform which allows for the full veterinary history of the horse to be recorded securely. The new system EMR has been developed for the Ballindenisk International will automatically inform competing athletes from across Europe of the biosecurity protocols that need to be followed and what documents need to be submitted through the system to allow horses to compete.

Peter Fell, owner and Chief Executive of Ballindenisk International said: “We are delighted to have Equine MediRecord come on board as a partner for our event. This system will give our competitors great peace of mind knowing that their horses have the vaccinations permissible for entry to the event, before they even leave home. This should also allow a smooth entry onsite at our venue. Equine MediRecord is leading the way in biosecurity and we hope this will be the start of a much greater thing in Irish eventing.

Pierce Dargan, Chief Executive Officer of Equine MediRecord said: “We are thrilled about our partnership with Ballindenisk International. We are excited to deploy this new version of our Equine MediRecord system with Ballindenisk International’s support. We have seen athletes being wary of entering events due to biosecurity concerns. We hope that Ballindenisk’s leadership in this area will drive adoption of our system by more equine events in Ireland and Europe who want to ensure the best equine biosecurity protocols are being followed at their events.” (See preview page 105).