THE Irish team lifted the Bryan Morrison Trophy for the first time, after securing a narrow victory over England in the Inspired International Arena Polo Test Match at Hickstead onSaturday, January 20th.

The match, which formed the highlight of the Hurlingham Polo Association’s International Arena Polo Day, went down to an extra chukka before Ireland took the victory following a 15-yard penalty, with the final score of 17-16.

The winning Irish team was captained by Richard Tyrone (8), along with Mikey Henderson (7) and Niall Donnelly (5). “It was a great game,” Tyrone said. “We did feel like the underdogs coming in – England have some incredible, very experienced players and all of us lacked a bit of mileage in the arena this season, but Mikey and Niall played fantastically, and Mikey’s horses made a big difference, he had a lot of power. The luck went our way when we needed it.”

Richard Tyrone, Mikey Henderson and Niall Donnelly of Ireland defeated England in the Bryan Morrison Trophy Arena Polo at Hickstead last week \ Tony Ramirez/

The English side was led by captain Jack Hyde (8), with Matias Amaya (7) and Sebastian Hancock (5). “The Irish team are all tough players and they played very well, so even though in the second half we came back and kept fighting, unfortunately it just wasn’t our day,” Hyde said.

Ireland’s Mikey Henderson was selected as Most Valuable Player, while Jack Hyde’s Graphic was awarded the coveted Polo Times Best Playing Pony rug.

International Arena Polo, England v Ireland \ Nigel Goddard

Earlier in the day, the British Juniors match saw the Junior Reds team – captained by Rafi Bruckner (2), along with Logan Anderson (2) and Wilfred Bate (1) – win the match 11-9 over Junior Blues.

Logan Anderson was awarded the title of Most Valuable Player, while Nena, played by Blues captain Tani Darritchon, won the PlayPolo Best Playing Pony award.