THE Irish Quarter Horse Association (IQHA) hosted an AQHA International Educational Marketplace Seminar and clinic with AQHA Professional Marilyn Randall from Montana at Drumcoura, Co Leitrim last weekend. With her extensive experience and expertise, Marilyn conducted an exceptional two-day clinic encompassing showmanship, ranch riding, and hunt seat equitation.

The clinic aimed to enhance the skills of riders while also preparing some of the youth participants for the upcoming Youth World Cup in Texas. Notably, the event was made even more special with the attendance of Jennifer Corley from Equitrace as a guest.

Under Marilyn’s guidance, participants were able to delve into various aspects of horsemanship, refining their skills and broadening their knowledge. The first day of the clinic focused on showmanship, a discipline that demands precise communication between horse and rider. Marilyn’s keen eye for detail and her ability to provide constructive feedback allowed riders to improve their presentation and performance in the showmanship arena. Participants focused on developing a balanced seat and maintaining light, responsive hands.

Marilyn emphasised the importance of proper body alignment, encouraging riders to establish a harmonious connection with their horses. Through various exercises and individualised instruction, participants honed their riding skills, discovering the profound impact of a well-balanced seat and gentle rein contact on their equine partners.

The clinic shifted its focus to ranch riding and hunt seat equitation on day two. Marilyn’s expertise in these disciplines brought a fresh perspective to the riders’ training. Her insightful coaching enabled participants to refine their techniques, enhance their riding positions, and improve their overall performance. Through a combination of practical demonstrations, individualised instruction, and group exercises, Marilyn empowered each rider to reach their full potential.

Throughout the clinic, Marilyn Randall’s passion for horsemanship and dedication to helping riders succeed shone brightly. Her closing statement encapsulated the essence of the clinic... “If you go home a better rider than when you’ve started, you’ve already won.”

Marilyn’s statement served as a reminder that the journey of horsemanship is one of continuous learning and self-improvement, where the ultimate victory lies in personal growth and the bond between horse and rider.

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