IN 2020 Rose started her own marketing company called RVN Management. The company operates within the equine industry and has an impressive list of clientele.

How did you get interested and involved in horses and the industry?

I’ve been involved with horses my whole life and my family has been involved in the horse world for many years. My grandfather was an Olympic show jumper. My father was an amateur jockey and was assistant trainer to Tom Jones and Ryan Price.

I always wanted to get straight into work so when I told my father I wanted to leave school, he sent me to Ireland to work for Jessica Harrington for three months. After enjoying it so much, I stayed with Jessie for five years and have now been living in Ireland for nine years.

Tell us about your marketing agency and the type of work involved in running it.

RVN Management was founded in 2020. We offer a suite of media, marketing, and management for businesses operating in the equine industry.

We cater to all of your marketing needs, ranging from simple logo development to the creation of a fully functioning e-commerce website. RVN Management has worked with top businesses and personnel in the racing industry. Clients include Horse Racing Ireland, Gordon Elliott Racing, Land Rover Ireland, the Jockey Club and Goffs.

Who helped you along the way or gave you advice?

I have had a great support system around me throughout, and support from the industry. The Harringtons have been a great asset to my career in racing, as I did so many different jobs there.

From being on the yard riding, to office work and filming for their owners’ communications, which is what started my passion for the media side within racing.

My Dad was always the biggest support with my work and always gave me advice. There are so many people I would love to reference but the list is too long.

What challenges/problems have you faced so far?

The trickiest thing is trying to be in so many places at once! I’ve had to learn the value of employing a talented team that I can trust to deliver the calibre of work that my clients have come to expect from me. It’s hard to delegate when you care so much about executing everything yourself, but I’ve learned it’s necessary for growing a business.

What advice would you give to somebody else who wanted to get involved in the industry professionally?

The equine industry is unique, it’s one sector with a whole world of different types of jobs. From veterinary science to marketing and PR. There are numerous routes you can take, so take the time to explore different aspects of the racing world.

What are your hopes for the next 12 months?

I’m lucky that RVN has been so successful over the last few years but it’s been hard work running alone albeit enjoyable. I am now at a really exciting phase of my business development, as I am merging into a larger agency, called Agency Fig. This allow us to expand to accommadate a larger range of marketing needs, such as providing strategy documents, more in-depth brand pieces, and top-of-the-range software that takes our clients’ marketing to the next level! I am just excited to keep progressing and doing what I love, in the industry that I love.