Declan Carroll@dec_car

I don’t really get this tbh. DD has carried Teahupoo across the track twice and I do believe most of this furore is because of people’s love for DD and the underdog. I think the decision was correct on the day.

I also find it strange we’ve barely seen a head on since.

Vaughan Lewis@VaughanLewis1

The worst thing about this is that there appears to be no ultimate aim for these changes, so there’s no way to evaluate progress and measure whether there’s any benefit. Nobody is even claiming that horses are better off, only that it “looks better”, [on the latest rider bans for misuse of the whip]

Amerigo Bonasera@Michael85780922

Do they realise that if they stop the student race days my Peaky Blinders fashion supply website is gone of business. [Priorities!]