Joseph Migliore@MigBloodstock

Don’t know if it’s been said but kudos to the Life Is Good connections for going for it and not rating their horse. Didn’t go the safe route to obtain a placing, went for the win and created a legendary race. Went down swinging. Horse racing as it should be.

Darin Zoccali@atTheTrack7

Now that he’s retired, I will say this. Flightline is one of the most talented horses to ever live. His combination of speed and stamina is something we see very few times in our lifetime.

That said, you can’t be the greatest of all time with six lifetime starts.

David Aragona@HorseToWatch

Absolutely jaw-dropping. What else can you say about Flightline? What a privilege it’s been to watch this horse run.

Nick Luck@nickluck

What a special, beautiful beast of a horse - a perfect, remorseless athlete. You’d fly round the world to see that #flightline

Diarmuid Nolan@dermonolan91

Frodon and Envoi Allen showing very clearly why National Hunt Racing has a far superior following in terms of numbers.

Two great stories that the sport needs to be better at shouting about.