WELL done to staff at the yards of Gordon Elliott, Eoin McCarthy, Robert Tyner and James Fahey on winning the various categories of the Irish Thoroughbred Welfare Council Best Turned Out League for National Hunt.

Trainers/yards are categorised by their number of runners at participating racecourses. Category A is restricted to the top 10 trainers and it was won by the Gordon Elliott team.

Category B is confined to the top 25 trainers, excluding the top 10, and this section was topped by Eoin McCarthy’s team.

All other trainers were put in Category C and this section saw a tie between the Tyner and Fahey teams.

The flat league also came to a close just before Christmas and the winners here were the staff representing Jim Bolger (Category A), Michael Halford (Category B) and Michael O’Callaghan (Category C).