What sparked your interest in bloodstock and racing?

I was lucky to have been born into the industry, growing up at Rathmore Stud in Co Limerick. I rode from a young age and, growing up, I also had an interest in bloodstock and racing, buying small shares in foals. I did several sales and preps at home during the summers and working weekends. However, I think my passion in the game solidified when Dad (Peter) bought Honeysuckle for owner Kenny Alexander. Following her career and being close to a story that inspired many was such an incredible journey to be a part of.

After finishing my degree in European Studies at Trinity I did an internship at Ascot Racecourse followed by several months at the Niarchos office. I then went to Kentucky to do sales and prep at Hunter Valley Farm for Adrian Regan and Fergus Galvin. I’ve just started the Irish National Stud course.

Who has been the biggest influence in your career so far?

I have been fortunate to have learned from several people within the game. I have had the opportunity to go around the sales with agents such as David Redvers, Hannah Wall, and David Minton, each being a great education seeing the perspectives of an array of industry professionals. Additionally, learning from Adrian and Fergus in Kentucky was a great opportunity and will be invaluable. I’m sure I will gain lots of guidance and advice during my six months at the Irish National Stud.

However, my biggest influence in this industry has undoubtedly been my Dad. He has been a great mentor in my career so far. I have been very lucky to have been able to learn from him as a judge in terms of both National Hunt and flat horses and have always sought his advice in every aspect of my journey in this industry. We have bought several shares in horses together and I would definitely not have been able to get started without his encouragement and guidance.

Are there any challenges you’ve had to overcome?

I have been fortunate not to have encountered too many challenges so far. I think the main challenge I’ve faced is choosing the aspect within the industry that I want to get into most. Our industry is so wide and varied. I am very interested in the bloodstock side of things. However there are other sides that I am eager to explore more.

I am only just starting out so I have no doubt that there will be many challenges to come. The changing viewpoint of gambling is a big concern, as is the rise in animal rights welfare protests. The jumps game is under serious scrutiny at the moment which is very worrying for its future position within the industry.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself starting out in the industry?

The advice I would give to anyone wanting to start would be to meet as many industry experts as possible. I was lucky to already have a foot in the door having my Dad as a mentor, but gaining a good mentor to guide you through the industry is definitely an indispensable asset. From experience, this industry welcomes younger generations and people are more than happy to give advice to those who seek it. I would also advise people to travel to get an assortment of perspectives; you never stop learning in this game so gaining a solid education in a variety of places and sectors of the industry is a brilliant way to start.

What goals have you set for yourself going forward?

Currently my main focus is completing the Irish National Stud course to the best of my ability. However, going forward, I’d be eager to travel more. I would like to gain more knowledge and experience in multiple sectors of the industry to broaden my horizons and learn from as many people as I can.

I also aim to keep going to the sales and buying shares in horses to really get myself started in the bloodstock side of things.