The IHRB reiterate that racing will continue in Ireland with enhanced measures as follows:

• In order to be eligible to race, horses must have received a vaccine for equine influenza which contains Clade 1 virus within eight weeks of their race.

• This updated MANDATORY vaccination requirement is to be implemented under Rule 91 with effect from Monday 18th February.

• After this date horses will only be able to enter racecourse stables and race having had the appropriate vaccine within the previous eight weeks.

• It is advised that trainers and handlers take action IMMEDIATELY to comply with this in order to be able to race 6 clear days after vaccination.

• IHRB Veterinary Officers and Assistants will be carrying out veterinary inspections with increased scrutiny at the entrance to racecourse stables on all horses.

• Trainers and handlers are advised that if any horse shows any sign of respiratory disease they will not be allowed to enter racecourse stables or race.

• Trainers are strongly advised to check their runners close to travel to include taking their temperature to ensure that they are fit to race.

• Runners from Britain will not be permitted to race in Ireland until further notice.

We are aware that a small number of isolated cases of equine influenza continue to be confirmed in Ireland and that the situation in Britain continues to evolve. Horses will continue to be able to race across the north/south of the island of Ireland. This situation is being closely monitored.

Horses in training must be vaccinated for equine influenza in Ireland under Rule 90 and 91. The requirement above is an update relating to the type of vaccine and when it is given. As previously noted, the disease is being reported in vaccinated horses. Symptoms to be aware of range from an increased temperature, coughing and nasal discharge and the horse being off feed to more severe respiratory signs – your veterinary surgeon should be contacted for advice under current circumstances if these signs are present.

Testing for equine influenza is provided free of charge by the IEC – it is recommended that any trainer with any concerns should avail of this in order to establish their horses’ disease status. As with any contagious infectious disease outbreak, rapid diagnosis and effective management is key to recovery and minimising spread of disease.

Trainers and handlers who have concerns or questions in relation to this should contact,

The IEC on +353 (0)45 866266 or and/or Dr. Lynn Hillyer, Chief Veterinary Officer IHRB on +353 87 1925 366