A comprehensive guide to the general care and management of horses.

Horse Care
Snug as a bug in a clean rug!
Helen Sharp
Rugs take a battering over the winter months and now is the time to sort them, fix them and clean them, with a little help from Horse Sense
26 April 2024 Stable management
Attack your tack
Whether it's hunting, eventing, flat or harness racing; saddles and bridles need regular and thorough cleaning, the time is now to get a head start
26 April 2024 Stable management
Spring is in the air!
The clocks went forward giving way to brighter evenings and allowing us time to spring clean our yards and stables
HORSE SENSE: The hair necessities
One of the surest signs spring is just around corner is horsehair and lots of it, Horse Sense goes grooming
12 April 2024 Stable management
Travelling your champions
Ahead of the Easter racing action, Horse Sense gets some advice from the top of how to safely travel your precious cargo
29 March 2024 Stable management
Thinking inside the box
It's tough on horses and owners when box rest is prescribed, Horse Sense have 7 helpful tips on how to keep your horse happy
22 March 2024 Stable management
Maintaining your outdoor arena surface
From drainage to compaction, it pays to look after your arena surface, Horse Sense takes a look at how to best keep yours in tip top condition
1 March 2024 Stable management
Picking up the responsibility!
Why poo-picking after your riding session will save you money and help your horses.
1 March 2024 Stable management
United in the interests of equine welfare
Internationally renowned vets and scientists gather in Northern Ireland to discuss equine welfare and the greater industry
2 February 2024 Stable management
HORSE SENSE: Winter care for you and your horse
Staying healthy and happy in the dark, cold months can be a challenge for you and your horse, Horse Sense has some helpful tips to help see both of you through until the days get lighter
5 January 2024 Stable management
Preventing rodents in the colder months
Helpful advice on how to prevent unwanted visitors to your feed room
5 January 2024 Stable management
HORSE SENSE: Your guide to avoiding a casting catastrophe
Horse Sense gets you equipped with the information to you need to help your horse if it gets cast in its stable
3 January 2024 Stable management