What they said

“It’s strong trade and it seems good throughout which is lovely to see but there are a lot of nice foals around this week. I think we are also seeing some very nice young sires coming along which is good to see as we’ve lost a few good sires in the last few years and we needed some nice new ones to come through” – Ben Case

“Trade has been very strong all week which is great to see and in terms of the wider thoroughbred market it seems to be carrying the whole way through from the flat to National Hunt. It was hard to buy foals this week. We were happy with what we got. We had to pay a premium for them but that’s what you will get when trade is as strong as it is” – Norman Williamson

“It has been strong but buyers are very focused on the market they will be selling back into. I would say that people were measured in what they were spending for the very best foals and overall foals sold very well but I do hope that the store market will be able to sustain the prices that we are seeing foals make” – Michael Moore