TATTERSALLS Ireland has scheduled a new point-to-point sale for Wednesday, May 29th. The sale has been organised in response to demand from point-to-point handlers in need of more opportunities to sell existing stock before the upcoming store sales.

The Tattersalls group is already to the forefront of point-to-point sales with its monthly Cheltenham auctions and this is thought to be the first sale of its kind at the Fairyhouse complex.

Tattersalls Ireland CEO Simon Kerins said: “Having been approached by vendors regarding a need to host a sale to accommodate their stock, we are pleased from an industry perspective to support this request.

“The inclement weather through the spring impacted the point-to-point fixture list and, as a result, the opportunities for horses were reduced. As we enter the closing weeks of the point-to-point season, we have listened to our clients and are delighted to facilitate their needs. The timing of the sale will co-ordinate nicely with the May Store Sale taking place the next day.”

The new sale will start at 5pm on May 29th and the catalogue will consist of “a select band of point-to-pointers and horses in training.”