Caragh Nurseries are a family-owned business run by the family. This fortunately gives us the opportunity to build up a good working relationship with our clients which rarely ends with the purchase of a product or service.

Therefore, we are on hand for our clients during good times and bad. Certainly 2018 has brought it’s fair share of challenges so far

We provide a full-service landscaping business from design to planting and have enjoyed creating beautiful gardens for both residential and commercial clients.

Currently, we as a business are battling the drought conditions and in turn a nationwide hosepipe ban for our clients. We have a responsibility to offer sound and helpful advice to our clients.


It looks like the warm weather is set to continue for at least another 10 days with no rain forecast for that period of time. Irish Water’s hosepipe ban has been extended nationwide and everyone needs to be mindful of water usage while we remain in this period of ‘absolute drought.’

The ban applies to using water drawn through a hosepipe for the purpose of watering a garden, cleaning a car and filling a domestic swimming or paddling pool.

It will take weeks and indeed months for water sources to recover from the dry spell, so what does this mean for our gardens?

1.Don’t worry too much about the lawn as that will recover so water shouldn’t be wasted on lawns. Similarly, with trees, their roots go deep underground to the water table and will hopefully avoid long term damage from the lack of water.

2.Plants that you have grown from bulbs or tubers are also hardy and will flower well again next spring.

3.Annuals, hanging baskets and containers are most susceptible to the dry conditions and these should be watered from your watering can early in the morning or in the cooler evening times.

4.You can also consider applying mulch – a 2-3 inch deep layer of mulch over the soil will shield the ground from direct sun and keep the soil cooler. Mulch can reduce evaporation by up to 70% by insulating the soil against temperature changes.

5. As much as we all hate weeding, getting the weeds out of your garden during a period of drought is vital as their roots steal valuable moisture from the soil.

6. Also remember to deadhead your flowers regularly so they don’t need to put extra energy into producing seeds.

7. Young plants need attention. If they are in pots, move them indoors or to a shaded area. Water sparingly but regularly to ensure they survive until the end of this dry period.

A client of ours with a beautiful garden is keeping a bucket in her shower to catch water for use in her garden, another has undone the drainage pipe on her dishwasher, total dedication!

To help our clients with their newly purchased plants, we are providing them with as much help and support as possible - please contact us or call in for any advice you might require.