Diarmuid Nolan


Too many people forget that Charles Byrnes is a genius of a trainer, not just brilliantly adept at landing punts.

Weapons Amnesty, Solwhit etc all back that up. Blazing Khal just the latest edition example.

Matt Chapman@MCYeeehaaa

The same 18-24yo group you are after play incredibly complicated computer games. If that’s the age group you want stop dumbing it all down. Be innovative. Explain why racing is fun and its complexities are fascinating. Educate. Develop. STOP chipping away at what is amazing.

Rory Delargy@helynsar

This is an excellent point. More and more, racing’s rulers appear to be obsessed by dumbing down to an audience more complex than they are. I wouldn’t let Julie Harrington run my bath.

Mr Jim McGrath@McGracing

Some 12 years ago, BHA produced a “whip review” including a You Gov survey on public perception of the W. Once pro Cush was explained 30% of those previously “against” changed their opinion. Has BHA built on this? No and latest excuse, racing’s in spotlight at Chelts= pathetic!

Dave Graham@TheRealDaveG

No one outside of racing cares about this. BHA and the racing media have created an issue where there wasn’t one.

Andy Geraghty@apgeraghty

The BHA are behind most of the real problems that racing faces.

This wasn’t one of them.

Ryan Jackson


I’m 21, none of my mates are racing fans but some want to know about it. I tell them about types of races, class, ratings and they are interested. Student days should entail people at the racecourse telling them about the racecourse they’re at and about different types of races

Chris Liddle


For those who want racing gone, its impossible to reason with them. You could use sponge whips and run the GN over 2ft rubber hurdles on blamanche over a mile and it still wouldnt be good enough. Those who have genuine concerns about welfare and are open minded, can be educated.

Who needs 4 when you’ve got 6@energumene23

Im 21 and have never heard anyone my age without a racing background/interest talk about the whip rules as a push factor from the sport.

What brings people to the sport are big clashes and built up meetings. Seems the BHA have no intention of addressing the dilution of the sport


Good start to Student Day at Dundalk. €5 @13/2 Paying by card

Excuse me, where abouts can I watch the racing?

Go outside, the track is 5 yards in front of you.

Agh, ok, I thought you had to watch it on the TV.

The future.