Oli Bell@olibellracing

I’ve not seen much criticism of @harryskelton89 celeb- but for what it’s worth I think it’s superb and delighted that the players in the sport are showing personality. It makes them human and relatable. In a sport that some find hard to relate to, that’s important.

Alan Green@AlanfGreen0805

Playing to the crowd never did Frankie any harm, you’re right we do need character in the sport. I think Harry knows what he’s doing and wouldn’t do that celebration on some quirky horses.

Phil Malcolm@PhiMalcolm

The Harry Skelton debate reminds me of the same issue with Chris Ashton’s try scoring swan dive. I can’t say I am a fan of premature celebrations and would rather see the task safely completed first but I can’t understand the level of outrage unless it backfires horribly


So the likely new rules for the whip is everything the same except you can’t use it as much?