Donald McCain Racing@donaldmccain

Thrilled to give Brian Hughes his 200th winner of the season. Only the 4th to achieve it and the 1st northern based NH jockey ever! Everyone here at Bankhouse lifted you home. Well done Brian #CHAMP

Michael Caulfield MSc@TheCaulfieldWay

Knocked around sport a while now, and being a jump jockey is still as hard as anything I’ve seen. Live on fresh air, drive a million miles, get kicked from here to there, get beaten, a lot, relentless grind, and my word, Brian Hughes’ achievement is right up there #champion

Ian Brad@ianbrad78

At a time when the UK doesn’t have the quality or quantity of horses, diluting a sub standard product to try and make more money out of a fifth day sounds illogical to me. [On a fifth Cheltenham Festival day]

Josh Toole@joshtoole91

That five day festival news is just depressing isn’t it. I love Cheltenham as much as anyone but I feel short changed if I only get 6 races for £25 on a weekday let alone if I’ve paid £100+ for the privilege