Horse Care
Hedgerow management for biodiversity
Helen Sharp
Expert advice and best practice for hedge cutting
26 August 2022 Farm management
Advertorial: Passing On Wealth – Intergenerational Wealth Management
The complex issue of family wealth can be a sensitive issue to address, Harvest Financial Services unpack the process of where to begin
29 July 2022 Farm management
Get marketing savvy for only €7
Horse Sport Ireland are offering the opportunity to learn from an award-winning marketing expert
A strip-grazing surprise
Eating less by strip-grazing doesn’t mean moving less, shows new study
29 July 2022 Farm management
Leading specialist equine biosecurity company launches in Ireland
An organic compliant and medical/veterinary grade standard disinfectant for your yard
22 July 2022 Farm management
A bumper year for buttercups!
Horse Sense has put together a handy guide to weed management in a year that's giving many horse owners a growing headache
3 June 2022 Farm management
Your expert guide to summer soil and fertiliser for horses
Horse Sense invited soil and plant nutrition specialist Mark Plunkett and equine specialist Wendy Conlon from Teagasc, to put together a useful guide to nutrient management for horse owners
20 May 2022 Farm management
Advertorial: Help your driveway recover from winter wear and tear
Engineering experts at Mark Cadam Ltd have advice for horse owners considering surfacing or renewing the existing surface of laneways after a long winter
The spring clean checklist you didn't know you needed until now
Spring cleaning the yard can be a daunting task so Horse Sense has put togther the definitive checklist to keep track as you overhaul your stables this season
30 April 2022 Farm management
Ode to vinegar
Vinegar may be the most humble of ingredients, but when it comes to eco-friendly cleaning power for just about anything in the yard, it's the king of the cleanse
29 April 2022 Farm management
Can less fertiliser be more?
According to the experts at Magnificent Meadows, when it comes to fertiliser for horse grazing, life without it can reep abundant rewards
15 April 2022 Farm management
Plan now to control weeds in paddocks
Herbicide expert Chris Maughan has advice for horse owners when spraying their paddocks
15 April 2022 Farm management