HRI RACECOURSE SEMINAR: Working on innovation and sustainability
Irish Field Contributor
'Our investment is in the customer experience, trying one or two new things a year' Dickon White
30 December 2022 Sport horse news
COMMENT: Rising to the challenge
The appointment by British Equestrian of a top level advisory group to champion welfare standards for the use of horses in sport is to be warmly applauded
23 December 2022 Miscellaneous
Giving to help horses this Christmas
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD take s a look at the many ways to help horses and horse people this Christmas
NEWS: DAFM set to approve e-passports for equines
Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue TD (FF) outlined his Department's efforts to prioritise equine welfare and traceability
16 December 2022 Sport horse news
NEWS: DAFM launches Equine Census
Ireland's second annual Equine Census is now under way by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
2 December 2022 Sport horse news
PONY TALES: Ukrainians renew appeal as winter bites
The Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation issued an urgent update on the deteriorating equine welfare conditions in Ukraine as temperatures plummet
2 December 2022 Pony Tales
COMMENT: Keep firm grip on the reins
Unity of purpose and minds is needed to bring the Irish equine industry forward
4 November 2022 Sport horse news
NEWS: 'Equestrian sport never subject to as much scrutiny as it is today'
The FEI is taking active steps to protect equine welfare and maintain public confidence in equestrian sport
4 November 2022 Sport horse news
Charities combine for horse welfare
RSPCA trainees are given a helping hand from World Horse Welfare
4 November 2022 Careers & education
Use of the whip – safety or encouragement?
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD revisits the question of whip use in the run up to the implementation of the new BHA rules
4 November 2022 Veterinary
Free access to welfare articles until Christmas
In a free online edition, the Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) lifts the lid on the relationship between human behaviour, attitudes and actions and equine welfare
21 October 2022 Veterinary
COMMENT: Time to act is now
It's all eyes on the looming Budget Day as soaring energy costs, rising feed and fuel bills are set to put the squeeze on the Irish equine sector this winter
2 September 2022 Sport horse news