Horse & Farm management
ADVERTORIAL: Looking for an edge? You should be looking at the hedge
Irish Field Contributor
Tom Stapleton of Soil Ireland explains how sowing different herbs and grasses into your pasture can rejuvenate your land and provide a varied diet for your horses
16 April 2021 Farm management
GRASSLAND MANAGEMENT 2021: ADVERTORIAL: Get your soil to work from within
Tom Stapleton of Soil Ireland explains some of the benefits of using SOBAC products for your soil
19 June 2020 Farm management
HORSE SENSE: Spread Sobac’s Bacteriosol to help grassland recover from drought
After 12 week's of very low rainfall, fields across the country are looking a little worse for wear. Tom Stapleton of Soil Ireland explains how spreading Bacteriosol can help land recover from drought
SPRING CLEANING: Healthy soil, healthy animal - ideal time to spread bacteriosol
SOBAC is a French company based in the south of France specialising in organic soil amendments
ADVERTORIAL: Want lush lawns and pastures? Look no further than Bacteriosol
Bacteriosol is an eco-fertiliser which helps the soil to structure and naturally recharge its fertile potential
19 May 2017 Farm management
HORSE SENSE: A natural alternative to chemical fertilisers
Beef farmer and horse breeder Kim McCall, James Kelly of Linacre House Stud and hay producer George Coyle are all using a non-chemical fertiliser on their land. Here's what they had to say about it
21 April 2017 Farm management