THE WEEK THAT WAS: Stewards inquires - heads or tails?
Anne Marie Duff
Decision in stewards inquiries are never predictable with a lack of consistency often in evidence
5 February 2021 Inside Racing
RYAN McELLIGOTT: Where is the consistency?
Events of recent weeks have shocked and disheartened racing and have ramifications far beyond the gates of the racecourse
5 February 2021 Inside Racing
THE WEEK THAT WAS: The Packie Bonnerus approach
The latest episode in a day in the life of the IHRB didn't reflect well on racing's regulators
DONN McCLEAN: No inquiry surprise
It was no shock that the decision of the raceday stewards was reversed and the horse who passed the post first was (re-)awarded the race in Cheltenham
10 January 2020 Inside Racing
RYAN McELLIGOTT: Lessons to learn from cruelty allegations
Comments like those from the governor of California - “I’ll tell you, talk about a sport whose time is up unless they reform" should not be taken lightly
8 November 2019 Inside Racing
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Stewards enquiries - who has the better rules?
The 'best' horse won the Kentucky Derby, but under US racing rules, he was thrown out for interference - even Donald Trump got in on the act
10 May 2019 Inside Racing
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Don't Bat an eyelid!
The Batcio and Aubrey McMahon Rule 212 enquiry is still on going but why were no inquiries into the ride of Kildorrery at Punchestown?
18 January 2019 Inside Racing
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Batcio the banned
We’ve seen similarly poor rides by inexperienced riders on their own horses previously with no action taken
4 January 2019 Inside Racing
THE WEEK THAT WAS: Samcro to Sam-slow?
A round up of some of the racing stories and social media comments from this week
7 December 2018 Inside Racing
THE MONDAY OUTLOOK: Inquiries - ignore the jocks, let the stewards decide
The prolonged inquiry into the finish of the Coral-Eclipse seemed unneccessary with each jockey being a bit economical with the truth
9 July 2018 Inside Racing
BERNARD BARRY: Good communication is vital for hunts and stewards
It's not easy to get racegoers through the gates, and they need to be kept informed of what's happening
2 June 2017 Point-to-Point
DONN McCLEAN: Interference rules harmony?
Interferance rules still miss the definition of the opinion by the relevant authority of the term "improve its position"
16 December 2016 Inside Racing