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Twenty coaches step up a level
Irish Field Contributor
Find who has been approved as a HSI Level 2 coach in your region
Learn from the master: Denny Emerson
Eventing gold medallist Denny Emerson talks to Caitriona Murphy about training riders and breeding horses
Patience is a virtue for horse producers
Michael Blake on how Irish horse producers could maximise their return
In brief: Holstein resigns, HSI coaching and an Irish Draught date change
A round-up of news briefs, including the latest moves in Dressage Ireland, HSI coaching dates and an Irish Draught one-day event postponed
1 April 2016 Sport horse news
€200,000 anonymous donation for Rio eventers
Find out how the training fund for the Irish eventing squad has been boosted by an anonymous benefactor
26 June 2015 Eventing
Eventing safety: The competition gap
In the final part of his four-part series, William Micklem looks at how equitation competitions could help improve riders' position for cross-country
29 May 2015 Eventing
Just how dangerous is eventing?
William Micklem compares the statistics for cross-country fatalities with other sports
29 May 2015 Eventing
Taking eventing seriously with Mike Etherington-Smith
The four-star cross-country course designer talks to William Micklem about courses that test rather than punish horses
29 May 2015 Eventing
10 steps to safer cross-country riding
William Micklem outlines 10 initiatives he believes would improve cross-country riding in Ireland and reduce the risk of fatalities in the sport
29 May 2015 Eventing
Eventing safety: Accidents waiting to happen
In part three of his four-part series, William Micklem explains how fifth leg training is essential for cross-country competition
22 May 2015 Eventing
Taking eventing seriously with Karen O’Connor
William Micklem spoke to Karen O'Connor about her training of young event horses
22 May 2015 Eventing
Eventing safety: 10 ways to develop your horse's 'fifth leg'
William Micklem outlines some training tips to help develop your horse's 'fifth leg'
22 May 2015 Eventing