NEWS: Irish EBF puts €2.7 million into prize money
Irish Field Contributor
Funded by Irish stallion farms, the organisation is marking its 40th anniversary this year
16 December 2022 Racing News
NEWS: HRI set to push more funds into prize money
The racing authority is expected to publish its 2023 spending plans after Monday's board meeting
1 December 2022 Racing News
NEWS: Ascot to offer £17 million in prize money next year
The track has added another £1.33 million to prize money for 2023
Record prize money for Royal Ascot 2023
The racecourse has reached the £17million pize money mark for the first time
30 November 2022 Racing News
NEWS: Owners hit back on prize money row
Criticism of prize money levels in Irish racing by TD Paul Murphy have prompted the Association of Irish Racehorse Owners to respond
11 November 2022 Racing News
Proposals made from industry heavyweights to BHA on British racing's future
“It is clear that action needs to be taken, and in order to grow the sport will need to innovate."
27 July 2022 Racing News