POINT-TO-POINT PICTURE DESK: November action between the flags
Anne Marie Duff
Kirkistown, Turtulla and Kildorrey were the venues last weekend where Healy Racing captured the action
12 November 2021 Racing features
PICTURE DESK: Action from the week's racing
Healy Racing and Caroline Norris captured the action from this racing week
15 October 2021 Point-to-Point
POINT-TO-POINT PICTURE DESK: Moira and Loughrea action
A selection of photos from the Moira and Loughrea point-to-points
PICTURE DESK: Actionfrom around the tracks
A selection of photos from the tracks in the racing week from Dundalk to Killarney
8 October 2021 Inside Racing
PICTURE DESK: Out and about
Our photographers were at events across the country last weekend
8 October 2021 Other disciplines
PICTURE DESK: Action from around the tracks
A selection of photos of action over the last week from around the racetracks
3 September 2021 Inside Racing
DOG FEATURE 2021: It's all about the dogs!
We asked our readers to send in pictures of their four-legged friends
25 June 2021 Hoofcare
POINT-TO-POINT: Action from the point-to-point fields last week
The action from Broughshane, Dromahane and Tattersalls captured by Healy Racing
14 May 2021 Inside Racing
POINT-TO-POINT PICTURE DESK: Action from between the flags
Action from the point-to-point scene in Lisronagh, Dromahane and Dawstown
7 May 2021 Point-to-Point
PICTURE DESK: Out and About
Foals are in the fields everywhere as these delightful photos show
PICTURE DESK: Your foal pictures....
New foals are a joy to see in the country's fields as these photos show
30 April 2021 Sport horse news
POINT-TO-POINT: Picture Desk - all the Fairyhouse action
Action from the Meath and Tara point-to-points over last weekend at Fairyhouse
23 April 2021 Inside Racing