Horse Care
A Physiotherapist's perspective: The unspoken truth
Helen Sharp
Equine physiotherapist Leah Kent discusses the hidden signs of pain to look out for in our horses
7 October 2022 Racing columns
HEART OF RACING - JOHN BUTLER: "There must be a better way of doing things"
Sports physiotherapist John Butler talks to John O'Riordan about how a hurling injury led him to helping jockeys across Ireland and to a specialist rehabilitation facility at Ballydoyle
30 September 2022 Stable management
Balancing sound structures for racing
In the second part of her series, musculoskeletal specialist Laura Stephenson discusses the importance of starting the thoroughbred’s training with longevity at the fore of priorities
Physiotherapy for hunters
Veterinary physiotherapist Leah Kent gives her top tips on preparing and maintaining your hunter for the season ahead
9 September 2022 Training methods
The what, the why and the how of canine physiotherapy
Leah Kent explains the positive benefits of physiotherapy for your four-legged friend
24 June 2022 Veterinary