HEALTH: Help end the stigma
Leo Powell
Leo Powell encourages readers to play their part in ending mental health stigma. It is a fact of life that many of us have experienced mental health difficulties, or know family or friends who have
NEWS: Tiggy's Trust launch mental health initiative
The initiative centres on providing strategies for learning in a positive atmosphere and an understanding of mental health issues in young riders
COMMENT: Training from 'inside out'
The Tiggy's Trust Mental Health Initiative aims to help coaches recognise and deal with stress when teaching young equestrians
HEALTH: Have you performed an act of kindness today?
Leo Powell this week was on the receving end of many acts of kindess, and for which he was very grateful
3 March 2023 Racing features
EDITORIAL: Sometimes there are no winners
Leo Powell on why reasonable people and views are often lost in the fighting
17 February 2023 Editorial
HEALTH: How alcohol affects your mental health
Leo Powell outlines some of the effects of using alcohol when it would be better to avoid it
3 February 2023 Racing features
EDITORIAL: Time to ask 'How are Ya'
Leo Powell supports the latest HAY campaign t raise awareness of, and reduce the stigma around, mental health
20 January 2023 Editorial
HEALTH: Tips to sleep better at night
Leo Powell, once a poor sleeper, has some pointers to help you get a good night's rest
20 January 2023 Racing features
HEALTH: Preparing for and surviving Christmas
Leo Powell has some practical advice that might help get people through Christmas. While it’s a joyous time for most, it is a tough period for others.
14 December 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: 10 Healthy Habits for Mental Fitness
IT is well-established that there is a strong connection between good physical and mental health, and Leo Powell suggests 10 ways to attain and maintain mental fitness
28 October 2022 Racing features
EDITORIAL: We must not sweep this issue under the carpet
Leo Powell calls for everyone to open their eyes and ears to people in despair
2 September 2022 Editorial
HEALTH: How to deal with suicidal thoughts and feelings
Leo Powell address a difficult topic, that of suicidal thoughts and feelings, and urges everyone to be aware of the issue, signs to watch for, and ways to deal with it
2 September 2022 Racing features