HEALTH: How can I manage loneliness?
Leo Powell
Leo Powell has some practical suggestions to help you combat loneliness
29 April 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: Dealing with chronic fatigue
Take time to build relaxation into your schedule. Leo Powell has seven tips to help you
15 April 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: The Five Ways to Wellbeing
Leo Powell provides some suggestions on how to lead a healthy and active life
HEALTH: Keep calm and hydrate
Leo Powell looks at the link between being hydrated and moods, mental health and anxiety
1 April 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: Grief and depression
Leo Powell talks aabout grief and depression, and suggests some ways to deal with them
18 March 2022 Racing features
The mental health benefits of exercise
Did you know that exercise can boost your mood, improve your sleep, and help you deal with depression, anxiety and stress? Leo Powell has some pointers
4 March 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: Bullying and abuse on social media
Leo Powell has some practical information on what to do if you are feeling unsafe or threatened by content on social media
18 February 2022 Racing features
NEWS: HSI and Jigsaw launch new eLearning course in support of mental health
The new ‘One Good Coach’ resource has been created to help coaches and equestrian volunteers’ upskill to support young people’s mental health through the delivery of equestrian sport
11 February 2022 Sport horse news
HEALTH: Don't forget self-love this Valentine's Day
Leo Powell has some suggestions to deal with Valentine's Day, especially if you are single or in a strained relationship
4 February 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: How alcohol affects your mental health
Leo Powell points out many of the effects of drinking too much alcohol, the signs to watch out for, and some suggestions on how to tackle problems that arise
21 January 2022 Racing features
EDITORIAL: Time for hope and new beginnings
Leo Powell asks that people look out for those who are not being swept along by the tide of joy at the reopening of society, and salutes the work of Alison Corbally
21 January 2022 Racing columns
HEALTH: Physical solutions for your fatigue
Leo Powell has some practical advice to help you over come fatigue
7 January 2022 Racing features