EDITORIAL: Mullins and Elliott neck and neck
Leo Powell
Leo Powell looks at the great season being enjoyed by both Willie Mullins and Gordon Elliott
31 March 2023 Racing features
HEALTH: Exercise and mental health
'It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigour.' So said Cicero, who died in 43 BC at 63, then a great age. Leo Powell has suggestions for readers as we head into April
24 March 2023 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Better to be there for the long haul
Leo Powell adds his opinion to the many doing the rounds about sires with their first runners in 2023
HEALTH: Help end the stigma
Leo Powell encourages readers to play their part in ending mental health stigma. It is a fact of life that many of us have experienced mental health difficulties, or know family or friends who have
17 March 2023 Racing features
EDITORIAL: Half a century of excellence honoured
Leo Powell pays tribute to a special band of women who have championed the sport horse sector for more than 50 years
10 March 2023 Editorial
EDITORIAL: There is no going back, so time for all to move forward
Leo Powell calls for an end to complaints about the whip rule and for more focus on making them work
3 March 2023 Editorial
HEALTH: Have you performed an act of kindness today?
Leo Powell this week was on the receving end of many acts of kindess, and for which he was very grateful
3 March 2023 Racing features
EDITORIAL: Sometimes there are no winners
Leo Powell on why reasonable people and views are often lost in the fighting
17 February 2023 Editorial
HEALTH: Coping with Loss
Leo Powell talks about death, its sometimes devastating effects, and how to cope with it
17 February 2023 Racing features
EDITORIAL: No time to rest on our laurels
Leo Powell celebrates a great weekend at Leopardstown, but a wake-up call for Irish breeders
10 February 2023 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Dress code covering up racing's real problems
Leo Powell suggests that changing the dress code is not racing's answer to dwindling attendances
3 February 2023 Editorial
BREEDING INSIGHTS: 400, and still going strong
As Breeding Insights celebrates its 400th weekly edition, Leo Powell takes a look back to what was making the news when the first column was published
3 February 2023 Pedigree analysis