Breeders alerted to looming Plus 10 deadline
Leo Powell
Breeders of 2016 foals are warned about the need to nominate them for the Plus 10 scheme by the end of the month, writes Leo Powell
17 July 2015 Latest News
Big jump in sign-ups for Plus 10 Bonus Scheme
A total of £1.25 million has already been distributed among 84 different owners with nominated horses this season
17 April 2015 Bloodstock News
Plus 10 deadlines brought into line with sales calendar
The £5.5 million bonus scheme has got off to a good start with £125,000 paid out already this season
Deadline nears for Plus 10 bonus scheme
Foals born in 2013 and 2014 must be on board by September 30th to be eligible
5 September 2014 Bloodstock News